Stranger Things Season 4 Heats Up With New Characters and Filming Dates

We here at The Movie Sleuth are big fans of Stranger Things, so we and the rest of the world are jonesing for a new piece of news about the Netflix smash hit. Any little crumb or hint is appreciated. And luckly for you, we got some coming your way.

Per TV Line, we have found out that the show is adding four new male characters to the show. Given that Season 3 thinned out some of the cast and added new wrinkles and locations to the show, we need some more new blood for the show. We don't have actors or names for the characters but we do have their breakdowns. Three of the characters are teens and one of them is an adult. One is a metalhead, one is an entitled jock, one is apparently a Jeff Spicoli type stoner, and then we have no clue who the adult is but is probably connected to either the Russian shenanigans teased at the end of the last season or someone in the new town where Eleven and the Byers family is.

Not only do we have some casting breakdowns, we have some more news about the season itself. The season is expected to be eight episodes and will apparently shoot from January to August. This sounds like a long time but remember that this is an effects heavy show with a lot to shoot and a lot to get right. We have no idea when it will be out but when we do we will let you know and binge it as quick as possible.