Take Me Back to Sin City: Legendary Developing Series Based on Frank Miller Comic

When the original Sin City film hit several years back, it changed the way we look at comic book films. The subsequent sequel tried to repeat the original film's dynamic but missed the mark both critically and with fans. Now, it looks like Legendary is going back to the well to once again bring Sin City to the screen. This time it will be as a television series. Word broke today that Miller has brokered a deal with Legendary Entertainment to adapt his graphic work to the smaller screen. Robert Rodriguez is also in early discussions to join the project. 

If Rodriguez signs for the project, they're saying he will be in more of a producer role instead of directing this time around. Early word says that they're shopping the idea to some of the bigger streaming services as a premium format series. Back in 2017, The Weinstein Company was working with Dimension films to turn this into a series with former Walking Dead head Glen Mazzara taking up the production. 

We'll update as we find out more!