TV: The Mandalorian - S01 E02 - The Child - Reviewed

In two short episodes, Jon Favreau's new Star Wars outing The Mandalorian has succeeded at doing what the two latest Skywalker saga movies haven't. He has finally united the fan base behind a new televised property that goes back to basics. And honestly, it feels great to see folks finally setting aside nastiness and negative commentary to discuss what's probably the greatest revitalization we've seen this side of Rogue One. The core is back, showing us why we fell in love in the first place. Favreau and Filoni seem to understand this property better than anyone. 

Without the weight of any pre-existing character arcs or existing canon, this show on Disney+  gets back to the crux of the original idea behind the Lucas creation. Simple storytelling with great action and straight dialogue has made its way back to our favorite galaxy, hidden below the armor of one of the sleekest new character introductions to the series. The title character is still learning the ropes and getting his armored butt handed to him weekly. With episode two, we truly get a sense of nostalgia that's like a time machine back to 1977 when the world was first introduced to the Jedi, Stormtroopers, and the galactic war. And it's a happy place. 

The second chapter sees The Mandalorian doing his damnedest to protect his bounty while some little scavengers make off with parts from his most prized possession. Almost immediately, audiences are taken back to a time when we weren't at odds over Star Wars. This is the purest and simplified Western style that we were promised when Favreau first took up the reins on the first live action Star Wars television series. Mixing themes from Lone Wolf and Cub and the classic spaghetti Western baseline scripting style, The Mandalorian feels fresh underneath its truly familiar guise. 

Perhaps the coolest thing about this show is that you really don't have to be a Star Wars historian or mega-fan to enjoy it. As each chapter rolls out, we're getting plenty of Easter eggs that invoke the classic movies, but if you have no idea of those films, you can still watch this and understand where they're going with it. Being that I'm a lifelong Star Wars fan and nearly obsessive completist, this project truly feels cut from the Lucas cloth while showing off its lone samurai and cowboy influences. Chapter Two: The Child has almost zero dialogue but remains interesting the entire time. The action is spectacular while the theme that Favreau and company are going for is absolutely clear. 

If you haven't been watching this, it's time you download the Disney+ app and start. The team-up behind The Mandalorian is a treat we don't get very often. Maintaining the vintage feel that's been missing for years, it's pure joy to finally get a show that's giving us an expanded Star Wars universe that's not resting on what we've seen before.