TV: The Mandalorian - S01 E03 - Reviewed

Disney+ continues to give starving Star Wars fans exactly what they've been looking for. Their new show on the premiere streaming service has returned to the galaxy far, far away with gusto and a true offering that sees the decades old brand get a fresh lease on life. 

While the internet is still at war over The Last Jedi, Jon Favreau and company have taken a hard left turn to return some peace to the fandom. And it seems that a truce may be underway as most are really enjoying this latest effort. Most are setting aside their personal opinions on the films to rally behind what is the truest Star Wars entry we've seen in a while and one that goes back to the roots of what the saga was about initially. The Mandalorian gives us back adventure and action with fantastical elements piled on for good measure. 

This latest episode, The Sin sets aside the nearly dialogue-less second chapter for a week filled with action and character development. Our bounty hunting friend starts to experience a moral dilemma as his profession comes into question. Hard choices are made as the third chapter ramps up the death count and some spectacular gun play scenes. We're also introduced to a new batch of his tribe members that exist in the shadows. Building more of a foundation for the story that's slowly taking shape, this third part seems to be getting somewhere. And the best part is that we're being handed an extended part of a mythology that's continually adapting and changing. Star Wars once again feels familiar but fresh at the same time. Instead of revisiting the Skywalker saga (again), this series is the breakaway we all wanted. 

Behind a mask, Pedro Pascal is doing a great job by manifesting an awesome performance that's totally reliant on physicality, athleticism, and the handling of heavy armor. Many other actors might struggle under the disguise he's wearing. But Pascal seems to slip into this role with ease, further expanding on a character we really know nothing about. If they can keep up the mysterious bit of this show while giving us more blistering action scenes, The Mandalorian will continue to be a success for Disney+ and the Lucasfilm brand. 

It's hard to wait between episodes because we're so programmed for binge watching after years of Netflix, but having to be patient and wait is another great idea. It gives us time to rewatch and soak this all on. Keep it up. This is the best Star Wars in years. 

-Chris George