TV: Watchmen S01 E03 - She Was Killed By Space Junk - Reviewed


The lines between good and evil are further drawn in the latest episode of HBO's brand new Watchmen series. As the police force grieves the loss of one of their own, another violent act transpires, showing us the balance between full police control, vigilanteism, and the pure dedication of one Sister Knight. 

Premiering just a few weeks ago, the show has already drawn divisive criticism by fans of the comic as well as an internet that doesn't quite know where Lindelof's team is going with this television show quite yet. In just three episodes, we've been given a sharp look at a future where a masked police force is under constant scrutiny and their weapons are under lock and key, only to be used with permission. Playing loose and fast with a political narrative that's still shrouded in a cloak of mystery, it seems like we're finally making a bit of headway. 

'She Was Killed By Space Junk' really begins to gain more focus on the characters we know from past incarnations of this property. Playing my our own rules by not spoiling any bit of this week's show, more connections are made to the classic Watchmen as episode three throws tons of little visual cues back to the graphic novel, the animated Black Freighter, and nods to Snyder's film version. Finally introducing Jean Smart's character along with a continuing look at an aging Veidt that's literally losing all self control as his lust for power continues to manifest, chapter three sticks the landing with an episode that shows more promise for the series as a whole. 


While the 7th Cavalry lingers on creating more terror for the main characters including Sister Knight and Looking Glass, Dr. Manhattan finally comes more into play. He's never shown but we're finally allowed to see how connected he still is to this world. At some point, he's going to make his grand entrance. But for now, it's been extremely cool that they're keeping him socked away as a plot device but not as a central or active character in the main storyline of the first few shows. They're being wise by keeping Manhattan in the background at this point. We're sure he'll be fully revealed sometime near the end of the first season. 

Again, the music is simply amazing, which fully sets the tone for the entire episode. This is one of the best shows on TV right now. If you're not caught up, get there because it seems that HBO is fully invested in the total expansion of the Watchmen mythology without hampering or destroying anything that already exists in this universe. 


Watchmen is on HBO Sunday nights at 9pm ET