A Keanu Double Hitter: Matrix 4 and John Wick 4 Come Out On The Same Day (For Now)

One of the biggest trends of the last couple of years was the renaissance of Keanu Reeves. He was everywhere this year, murdering bad guys as John Wick, stealing the show as himself in romantic comedies, popping up in Toy Story 4 as a Canadian stunt man named Duke Kaboom, and even returning to the role of Theodore Logan. With a banner year in the books, one would wonder how Keanu would follow that up. Wonder no more!

After months and months of stories about the development of Matrix 4, we finally have a release date for the film. Warner Brothers has dated the upcoming film for May 21st, 2021. The film will be directed by Lana Wachowski and is expected to shoot early next year. The cast includes Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, Neil Patrick Harris, and Jada Pinkett Smith. 

Now if you are a Keanu fan or a regular reader of this site, you may know that another fourth installment in a franchise with Keanu is scheduled to come out that day. That's right, John Wick: Chapter 4 is also scheduled to come out that weekend. While Lionsgate has dated the film and we can reasonably expect that Reeves and the creative team behind the last three films will be involved, we have no idea who has been cast in the film or how far along the film is in development. 

One has to wonder if Reeves will shoot both films back to back or if one of the films will switch release dates to make sure the other makes as much possible and not split the Keanu audience. Or maybe Bill and Ted 3 will get pushed back to this date and there will be three times the Keanu in movie theaters? What would you call that? A Threeanu special feature? We will keep you updated when we learn more.