A New Superman?: David Corenswet Rumored as Cavill's Replacement

With The Joker an absolute success for WB, the DCEU seems to still be going through many changes. Although we know that Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa will be continuing on as Wonder Woman and Aquaman, the rest of the famed Justice League characters are still up in the air. Now, word is breaking that the production company is looking to recast Clark Kent/Superman with a younger actor. Actor Henry Cavill has stated that he'd not "given up on the role", even though Warner Bros. has made no apparent movements to give him a proper sequel as the Man of Steel. 

Today, word is breaking that recasting is underway and they have their eyes on with a relative unknown. His name is David Corenswet and he's just 26 years old. No official word has been released by the studio yet. But with JJ Abrams signing a first look deal with Warner and the Justice League sequel on ice, it wouldn't be shocking in the least to see them move on with a new actor.

Apparently, Cavill was officially removed from the WB roster as Superman back in 2018 but nothing was ever announced publicly. 

We'll update as we hear more. ComingSoon and other sites are reporting on this news today!