Box Office Jedi: The Rise of Skywalker Scores $175 Million Domestic Opening

This weekend saw the finale for the Skywalker saga hit cinemas with a massive opening that still fell short of the last two previous entries. Falling behind The Force Awaken's domestic opening of $247.9 million and The Last Jedi's $220 million, the newest film directed by JJ Abrams is coming in short but still seeing a huge opening tally. As of right now, it's being reported that The Rise of Skywalker will take in an estimated $175 million. While many will definitely blame Rian Johnson's choices during The Last Jedi, it is normal for a third entry to see dwindling opening weekend receipts. 

With a resounding positive reaction from the fandom (the total opposite of Jedi), the trilogy bookend will most likely continue gaining traction with return viewings. If fans really like the movie, they will return to see it numerous times, which will obviously help extend its theatrical run and put way more money in the hands of Disney. All in all, this is good news for Kathleen Kennedy and the folks behind Star Wars. The Rise of Skywalker is an undoubted hit, even if it's being mostly ravaged by critics. 

This last week Kennedy announced that they're planning on changing course and most new film properties that fall under the Star Wars banner will move away from the trilogy format. Most seemed excited at that idea since Rogue One really seemed to get it right. 

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