Extended Cuts: Doctor Sleep To Get Massive Director's Cut For Home Video

It seems like there's been a massive reprise for Stephen King content the past couple years. With both chapters of IT being massive theatrical successes and some of his written properties being translated to television and Netflix, there has been no shortage of new things for us to enjoy as fans. Now, it's been announced that his sequel to The Shining will be seeing a super long director's cut when it gets released on streaming on January 21st and blu-ray on February 4th. 

The new cut will be extended to 180 minutes which is 28 minutes longer than the theatrical version. It will also be available on 4K UHD in February. This updated cut will feature "new, altered, and extended scenes" that were specifically added back in by director Mike Flanagan. Warner Bros. did not release any other information prior to Flanagan's announcement. Fans of the film will probably be delighted to get as much content as possible. Although it wasn't a huge financial success, it did garner critical acclaim for both its lead actors and the film's revisit to the classic Overlook Hotel. 

It's also been recently announced that Andy Muschietti has expressed interest in putting out a super cut of both IT films that would feature new footage.