Galactic News: Bryce Dallas Howard Reveals It's Not Pedro Pascal in The Mandalorian Armor

With The Mandalorian raking in viewers on Disney+, Bryce Dallas Howard has decided to break some news to loyal Star Wars fans. The actress/director has revealed that Pedro Pascal isn't under the armor on the hit series. In fact, there are two body doubles that inhabit the physical role of the character. Brendan Wayne and Lateef Crowder are the two individuals that switch up wearing the costume. When speaking with Vulture magazine, she said she never even worked with Pedro during her directorial work on the show: 

"He was in rehearsals for King Lear on Broadway.  And so, while we were doing my episode, I wasn’t working with Pedro.”

In fact, Wayne is credited for the entire season 1 and is now working on season 2. Pedro Pascal is only doing post-audio work and providing the voice for the galactic bounty hunter. This might be a shock to some, but is the norm for many roles like these. So, don't be too disappointed. After all, the show is amazing and fully renewed for the next season.