More Power!!! Hasbro Partners With Paramount for New Power Rangers Movie

After the financial failure of the 2017 Power Rangers movie, the future was unclear. Although it was actually a pretty cool retread for the popular brand, it didn't really receive the hype that it deserved and died a quick cinematic death due to low box office returns. Earlier this year it was reported that Paramount was looking at rebooting or relaunching the Rangers in a new film series. This weekend, word is breaking that Paramount has partnered with Hasbro (the official owners of the franchise) to bring them back to cinemas in a new movie which will once again reboot.  

After the last failed attempt, Saban sold the Power Rangers to Hasbro for $522 million. Early reports are saying that the newest revitalization will be more in the realm of Stranger Things and will go for a retro feel. Apparently, it will be taking place during the '90s to cash in on some of that amazing nostalgia. We'll obviously report on and update this as we find out more about the project.