One With The Force: The Rise of Skywalker Eyes $450 Million Opening

With critical reactions seemingly split right down the middle, the latest Star Wars entry looks to be a major box office success before the doors even open. It's obviously going to be the biggest movie of the next couple weeks with the Christmas holiday quickly approaching. Although it may not reach the heights of previous entries considering the heavy toll that The Last Jedi backlash has taken on Disney and its acquired Lucasfilm brand. But that doesn't really mean this thing is going to be anywhere near a flop. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Early reports show that this is going to be another huge financial hit for the mouse house, even if reviewers and bloggers haven't taken kindly to J.J. Abrams latest outing in the galaxy far, far away. 

Currently, Fandango is reporting that ticket sales are pretty close to what they were for The Last Jedi two years ago. Along with that positive momentum, the film is tracking for a massive $450 million opening which means this is an undoubted hit for the studio before it even hits general release.