One With The Force: The Rise of Skywalker Pushes Past $500 Million

With only 8 days behind it, the latest Star Wars movie is hurdling through space towards a great worldwide box office haul. Even though fans are still quite divided over the last entry in the Skywalker franchise, Disney is looking at an excellent tally that will definitely solidify Episode IX as another successful December movie. While it's still trailing the numbers from The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, the JJ Abrams directed sci-fi fantasy flick has already crossed the $500 million mark in only 8 days of worldwide release. As of today, it's already at $518 million and still counting. The film raked in $32 million in  U.S. ticket sales on Christmas day alone, bringing its current domestic gross to $258 million already. 

Looking at social media trends and commentary, it seems like this one will definitely have a much stronger return on audience members seeing this multiple times as opposed to Rian Johnson's Last Jedi. No matter what, Disney must be happy with what they're seeing happen with the finale of the Skywalker saga. This is a verifiable hit that may end up having much longer legs at the box office.