Six Minute IMAX Prologue for Christopher Nolan's Tenet Attached to Showings of Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars week continues as The Rise of Skywalker is dominating multiplexes and the film discourse. Viewers everywhere are heading out to theaters to see the end of the Skywalker saga are being treated to a multitude of trailers for what is coming in 2020 but none are as tantalizing and mysterious as the trailer for Christopher Nolan's latest film, Tenet. And in the tradition of Nolan's films since The Dark Knight, he has managed to have six minutes of the film prepared for your viewing pleasure. 

That's right, if you head out to see TROS on an IMAX screen, you are treated to six minutes of Tenet. Shot on IMAX and 70mm, the footage will not screen anywhere else. If you want to see the footage, you better go get your tickets for Star Wars and see this on the big screen. 

Folks who have seen the footage said it's something else and we can't wait to check out. We hope that the footage will offer us a little more clarity as to just what the hell this movie is about and offer us a taste of what Nolan is cooking up with this one.