Star Trek News: ViacomCBS CEO Confirms Two New Movies Planned

After the box office failure of Star Trek: Beyond, no one was sure where the film franchise was headed. It seemed to have stalled. Then plans were once again firing up when Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth both decided to walk from the project after a major contract dispute. Star Trek 4 died at the negotiation table.  At that point it seemed like the current movie series was basically not going to continue. Now, with Viacom merging with CBS, the brand is being revitalized with two more movies according to CEO Bob Bakish, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter. 

When speaking at the UBS Global Technology, Media and Communications Conference, he revealed that a double header is being planned. It is estimated that the first will be the next with the Kelvin Timeline cast as creator Noah Hawley has already been hired to write and direct. The second may still be the much talked about Tarantino one off. The project is being described as "Pulp Fiction in space". But they have not revealed official word or plans on the second cinematic release quite yet. 

The cast from the JJ Abrams rebooted Star Trek all look to be returning for the fourth film in that run.