They're All Going To Laugh At You: FX Developing Limited Carrie Event Series

Today, it's being reported that FX is in the early developmental stages of adapting the classic Stephen King novel Carrie to a short run event series. With King properties once again a hot commodity in the film and television world, it appears that the story of Carrie White will once again find itself being remade with an extended look at the teenager's life. This time it will be a limited show that will be hosted on the cable outlet. There is no word yet on the time frame in which the show will make its way to the station but Variety has word that it's in the very beginning process. 

Carrie has seen multiple film versions including the 1976 classic, the 2002 made for TV movie, and a 2013 remake that starred Chloe Grace Moretz in the classic role. This new version of Carrie joins a slew of new Stephen King works including an upcoming remake of The Dark Half, a new version of The Stand and HBO's The Outsider.