TV: Watchmen - S01 E07 - An Almost Religious Awe - Reviewed

After an absolutely amazing episode 6, any follow up was going to be a challenge. Almost nothing could meet the greatness of the last chapter's astounding work of genius that took us back through time revealing the beginnings of mask vigilanteism and the racial tensions that got us there. But somehow, this week's show (while not equally as great) still managed to live up to what we've been given so far. Watchmen is currently the best show on television and potentially one of HBO's best efforts made from an existing intellectual property. 

Continuing on with Angela's mysterious backstory, An Almost Religious Awe takes further strides to build to a stunning crescendo. This first season of Damon Lindelof's extension of the world of the Watchmen is moving at a fever pitch which is quite obviously about to reveal some resolution for some of the mysteries at hand, as it also seems to be resolving many questions we've had about the classic characters. We're quickly getting to the finale with only little glances at Dr. Manhattan. And it honestly feels just right. They know exactly what they're doing without ever seeming like it's all for delectable fan service. 

The latest episode definitely tones down the action, trading it off for more structural building blocks that will take us into season 2, that is (of course) if it gets a renewal from HBO. Angela is still locked away while she recuperates from a massive dose of Nostalgia as the world outside continues to spin out of control. With Ozymandias making plans for another attack, this alternate version of Earth is about to get a lot stranger. If they've nailed anything in the first season, it's the tone and thematic elements that made the classic Watchmen so great. An Almost Religious Awe continues to deliver on that premise as it continues to inflate the god like qualities of Manhattan. 

With only two weeks left, we're absolutely in awe of what they've done here. As long as the writing stays as strong, they stick to strong character arcs, and limit the action to small bursts, Watchmen will continue to wrangle a following. Again, it seems like Lindelof and his crew have nailed down a chemistry that works. Where so many of these types of shows go full bore into constant hand to hand combat or gunplay, they've formulated a dynamic cinematic experience that revels in dialogue, real plot, and strong characters. Playing into '80s nostalgia is also a strong suit that will connect to this show's viewership. Well played, Lindelof. 

We like it. A lot. 

-Chris George