TV: Watchmen - S01 E08 - A God Walks Into Abar - Reviewed

Here we are. Only one episode left to go before the conclusion of 2019's best television offering. When first announced, many questioned whether a Watchmen television series could work at all. Considering its iconic legacy and unrelenting respect in the comic book community, no one was sure that this could be pulled off by anyone including one of the people behind Lost. By now, we can surely say undoubtedly that it works in more ways than one. Mad respect goes out to all those that work on this series. 

Continuing to expand on the mythos of Alan Moore's original work, HBO partnered with Damon Lindelof has succeeded greatly at transitioning and continuing the Watchmen story into an amazing show that gets better week by week. With one of the biggest questions finally being answered during episode 8, A God Walks Into Abar gives us what we've been waiting for, as a bit of tension laced resolution begins to roll out. The end is nearing for season one and they're not going to let us down. 

Perhaps the best thing about this episode is the fact that it finally starts to connect the dots back to the graphic novel a bit more than previous episodes. At long last, we finally get to see some of our favorite characters being assembled as Lindelof's long game begins to come to light. Finally revealing more about Abar's life in another hour long episode, viewers once again get a chapter that transitions between different time frames, extending through the past and the present. 

This week finally brings the action back and features some awesome special effects, as the music continues to be its very own character. Director Nicole Kassell (The Killing, Westworld, The Following) takes up the helm for her third episode of the year, proving that she has a firm grasp on capturing the essence of the Watchmen. Strangely enough, this one really feels interconnected to Snyder's 2009 film more than any previous episode so far. 

It's hard to keep this up weekly without spoiling anything, so I'm going to suggest you check this show out as soon as possible if you're not watching. As a show that intertwines politics with current racial tensions and personal drama into one refined look at the Watchmen of old and new, this is definitely the best thing happening to television right now. And this is the closest thing to the source material we could ever hope for!

-Chris George