Watchmen Season 2 May Not Happen, According to Damon Lindelof

After nine amazing episodes, the season of Watchmen on HBO concluded last night. It has been a spectacular run for the series with critical acclaim and growing viewership every week. It has managed to become a word of mouth critical hit that honors and expands upon its source material. Surely, HBO is chomping at the teeth for more but more Watchmen might not be happen soon or at all. 

When asked about future seasons, series creator Damon Lindelof said that he does not have any current ideas or desires to do more. He mentioned in the pitch for the series shows like Fargo and True Detective as examples of what could happen. If future seasons of Watchmen were to happen, they would borrow an anthology structure and be made by different people as all of the writers have moved on to other projects. 

Lindelof wanted the series to be a self contained piece in the same way the original run of the series is in the comics. And it seems like for now, he may get his wish as HBO has not announced anything about the future of Watchmen as series there. It seems like this really will be a one and done. And if it changes, we'll be the first to let you know.