The Batman: Day One - Director Matt Reeves Begins Lensing In London

Matt Reeves (director of Cloverfield, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and War for the Planet of the Apes), who began filming for The Batman today with London standing in for Gotham City, shared a pic on his Twitter feed showing a first-scene clapper-board sitting on a luxurious (and very Wayne Manor-esque) leather chair.

The film, starring Robert Pattinson in the title role, is finally, officially in production after numerous fits and starts (with Ben Affleck originally attached to write, direct and star, before the project shifted to Reeves and Pattinson).
Pattinson’s casting was initially controversial to some anti-Twilight “fans”, but he has steadily gained some major acting cred over the years with raved-over performances in movies like The Lost City of Z, Good Time (from the now white-hot directing team of the Safdie Brothers), and most recently, Robert Eggers bizarre sea-horror tale, The Lighthouse (co-starring Willem Dafoe).

Although plot details are scant, The Batman is said to be a return to the noir roots of the World’s Greatest Detective, hopefully earning that character’s namesake. The Batman covers the earlier career of the young Caped Crusader, but (thankfully) skips his oft-told origin story and seems to have an already-in-effect  rogue’s gallery of villains and semi-villains, including Colin Farrell as the Penguin, Zoë Kravitz playing Selina Kyle/Catwoman, and Paul Dano cast as the Riddler.

The Batman is set for a June 2021 release from Warner Bros. Pictures.