Breaking Bat News: The Batman Begins Filming, Set Photos Appear Online

After several years of languishing in development hell, it appears that Matt Reeves' The Batman has finally gone into production. It was just last night that Jeffrey Wright teased that he was up at 4:45 am to head to the set. Now, it looks like cameras are finally set to roll on the long gestating project that will get back to the core detective roots of Gotham City's most famous detective. 

Initially planned as a project under the control of Ben Affleck (he was originally supposed to direct and star), The Batman was handed over to Matt Reeves to finish developing. Eventually, Robert Pattinson was set to take over the cape and cowl as a vast set of excellent actors have taken on some of the most iconic villain roles in the Batman rogues gallery. 

While the photos don't show any of the primary stars, it gives us a look at police cars and utility vehicles. Hopefully we get a few shots of the cast very soon.