Comics: Mark Millar Begins Work on Third Part of Jupiter's Legacy Prior to Netflix Series

Prior to the live action Jupiter's Legacy show that's coming to Netflix, comic writer Mark Millar has begun work on a third series of comics that will continue the story. The newest run will be titled Jupiter's Requiem. Hopefully this will guarantee that the upcoming streaming project doesn't run into many of the same problems that Game of Thrones did in its final season. The next arc will be a ten issue limited series as opposed to the 5 issue run of the last two entries in the comic book franchise. This should provide plenty of new content if the television adaptation is a hit for Netflix. 

Millar took to Twitter on January 2nd to announce that he had begun working on the next installment. Jupiter's Legacy tells the story of two generations of super heroes called The Union. The older heroes are interested in being masked heroes while their children are more interested in fame and celebrity. 

The show is currently in production for Netflix and is expected to hit the streaming giant in 2020.