Galactic News: Colin Trevorrow Confirms Duel of the Fates Leaks

What a time to be alive. While Star Wars fans are still at war with their own fandom over The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker, more is breaking about Colin Trevorrow's own version of Episode IX titled Duel of the Fates. Initially put in the directorial chair for the project, he was eventually removed due to creative differences with Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy. Since last week, numerous leaks have hit the web concerning his original vision for the final film in the Skywalker saga. Now, the director has taken to Twitter to confirm that the photos released yesterday actually were conceptual art that's from the abandoned project. See his Tweet below. 

While we know we'll never get his Duel of the Fates, it's simply amazing artwork that may have been amazing if translated to the screen. See all the concept designs right here!