Galactic News: Star Wars Underworld - George Lucas Cancelled TV Series Test Footage Leaked

Prior to his sale of Lucasfilm, Mr. Lucas was putting together his own TV show that would have expanded the Star Wars universe. The series would have taken place between the prequel and classic trilogies after Palpatine's Order 66 was executed. It would have seen the rise of the Empire and even had a planned episode where Vader would have descended to Coruscant to "quell a rebellion". Over 50 scripts were prepped and 100 episodes were planned before the idea was shelved due to financial concerns. Each chapter was slated at 42 minutes, but was eventually tabled with massive budgetary restraints. 

Apparently, the linked footage was only for test purposes to see how far they could push the envelope with transposing the Star Wars look to the small screen. Anyways, check it out here and always make sure to visit The Movie Sleuth for all your Star Wars updates!