Kree,Thanks: Captain Marvel Co-writer Tapped For New Zemeckis Project

Geneva Robertson-Dworet has penned an original screenplay for Ares, a project presently in pre-production from Robert Zemeckis at Warner Bros.

Robertson-Dworet, who aside from her “Marvel” co-write/rewrite,  also did a script-polish on the 2018 Tomb Raider reboot (and the aborted Gotham City Sirens project for David Ayers). Her script for Ares is a science fiction/conspiracy hybrid involving a crashed astronaut in the African desert, racing to save their family while uncovering the sinister motivations  behind the space mission (shades of Capricorn One). She is also lending her sci-fi mystery skill-set to an adaptation of Andy Weir’s (author of The Martian) space crime-novel Artemis, for Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Solo, The LEGO Movie).

Zemeckis (currently wrapping Witches) will direct and coproduce with his Imagemovers production partner, Jack Rapke, with Roland Emmerich taking on an executive producer role (Emmerich originally spearheaded the project at MGM). Additionally, he’s developing a “dark, edgy” live-action Pinocchio remake (SUGGESTED TAGLINE: “He Wooden Lie”) for Disney.