MacGruber: Will Forte Blows Up Peacock In New Streaming Series

Peacock, the streaming platform owned by NBCUniversal has announced just ahead of their shareholders meeting, a new slate of shows to be put into production (notably, one based on the podcast/graphic novel series, The Adventure Zone), and MacGruber is a happy addition to the roster.

Will Forte returns to his beloved role as the somewhat distracted, failed bomb-defusing, not-quite-a MacGyver parody. This time around, our SNL-birthed hero (who we last saw in the now-cult 2010 MacGruber movie) has spent the last ten years in prison and is given a mission upon his release: To stop the mysterious villain, Brigadier Commander Enos Queeth (no word yet on casting for this role).
Though not confirmed, the general assumption is that Kristin Wiig and Ryan Phillipe will step back in as Vickie and Piper.

Forte will also be writing/exec producing, along with returning writer director Jorma Taccone. Lorne Michaels’ Broadway Video is once again the production company behind the project.