Morbius Trailer Drops: Fans Foaming For Canon Fodder

Sony has unleashed the teaser trailer for Morbius into the night skies, and along with a few brief glimpses of Jared Leto in the titular role, the clip also drops a major reveal that seemingly solidifies speculation regarding Sony’s cinematic hero universe (which also includes surprise blockbuster Venom) and how it fits in with Marvel’s MCU.

The trailer, which after offering us the required setup for a “medically afflicted protagonist, survives accident while seeking cure, becomes undead anti-hero instead”, then blindsides us with an appearance by none other than a Bugs Bunny-quoting Micheal Keaton playing (by the looks of it) Adrian Toomes AKA The Vulture, his extremely flappable character from Spider-Man: Homecoming.

This is good news for some MCU fans who have been side-eying Sony’s attempts at a separate “Spiderverse” that wasn’t connected to the current Marvel Studios Tom Holland Spidey films. Keaton’s cameo all but confirms that Holland’s popular character will be able to swing freely between the two studios (for now at least).