More Knives Out: Rian Johnson Reportedly Developing Sequel Script

Rian Johnson's latest film has turned into quite the success for the studio and the director. After his Star Wars film, Johnson decided to make a swift turn into a different genre. And it proved to be a financial positive for all those involved. Now, Lionsgate has commissioned Johnson to develop a script for a potential sequel to the hit film. Apparently, the new project would no focus on the same family from Knives Out but would have Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) investigating a new crime. With huge word of mouth, excellent box office, and critical momentum, Knives Out proved to be a worthwhile venture for all involved. A sequel that sees the Craig character returning to solve another murder mystery would most likely be a welcomed addition. 

From the time Knives Out was announced, it got great buzz. From the first reviews and awesome festival circuit responses, the movie continued to build until its theatrical run. The film has currently made $247 million against a small budget of only $40 million. 

At this point, it looks like the studio is full steam ahead with the idea. No word has been released about if he's begun scripting yet. Sites like Screen Rant and others are also reporting on this news tonight.