More Than Meets The Eye: Paramount and Hasbro Start Work on Two New Transformers Movies

After several massive Michael Bay movies and an amazing Bumblebee movie that hit the reset button for the franchise, it looks as if Paramount and Hasbro are moving forward with more from the Transformers universe. It's hitting the web that they've brought on two fresh screenwriters to develop a set of movies that will continue raking in the dough. Writer Joby Harold and James Vanderbilt are currently working up treatments that should see the light of day sometime in the next couple years. There is no word yet as to what the films will be but we imagine it will be another departure away from the Bay franchise and potentially a continuation of what was started with Bumblebee. 

Vanderbilt previously wrote the script for David Fincher's amazing true crime film, Zodiac. Harold was the one behind the upcoming Army of the Dead on Netflixfrom Zack Snyder. Obviously, Bumblebee was a break away from what fans were tiring of with the first live action series of films. 

We'll update as we here more! Autobots, roll out!