Tales Cthulhus: Color Out Of Space Director Readies Lovecraft Trilogy

With Color Out of Space gaining favorable reviews ahead of its weekend release, SpectreVision (the production team headed by Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah) had greenlit director Richard Stanley for a second entry in his proposed HP Lovecraft trilogy; this time he’s prepping a screenplay adapting The Dunwich Horror, a cornerstone story of Lovecraft’s “Cthulhu Mythos”, complete with references to The Great Old Ones, Miskatonic University, and (of course) the accursed book Necronomicon (with some questionable parentage and occult ritual thrown in for good measure).

Plot specifics for the film are unclear, but the sometimes reclusive Stanley (Hardware, Dust Devil, and his aborted/unrealized vision of The Island of Dr. Moreau) indicated that the Ward Phillips (Elliot Knight) character from Color will be returning for this film, and possibly the third one in the trilogy as well (he’s keeping mum on which story this will be, but there are strong, subterranean rumblings that it’s to be The Call of Cthulhu).

Fans/obsessives of Richard Stanley (who has gained a sort of horrorized Terence Malick-type mystique over the decades) hope that this represents a career resurgence for a filmmaker who has had MANY setbacks (some of which were featured in Lost Soul, a documentary covering his struggles to make, and ultimately get fired from the Moreau film), and a trilogy of Lovecraft-worthy movies that they can R’lyeh wrap their tentacles around.