The Crow Takes Flight: Reboot Back in Development

After years of development hell, the reboot of The Crow was officially shelved back in 2018. Now after a long gestation period, it looks like the tale of Eric Draven is once again taking shape as the studio has finally begun work on the retelling of the iconic character. With the initial release being a dark hit back in 1994, the death of Brandon Lee left a brutal mark on the brand. Although they attempted to turn The Crow into a franchise, it ultimately never landed and turned into a low budget series of attempts that resulted in a bad television show and a long line of sequels that just couldn't live up to the amazing first movie. 

Now, after more than two decades, the James O'Barr comic book character will see the darkness of night under the Highland Film Group and Electric Shadow which were also attached before the reboot was shelved. At the current time, there has not been a writer or director attached to the feature. At one point, Jason Momoa had signed on to play the title role but ultimately backed out. With his current slate of projects including more Aquaman movies, he will undoubtedly not be in this new version. 

We'll update as we find out more news on the rebirth of The Crow as a film franchise.