Too Old For This Sh#T: Donner, Gibson, and Glover Returning for Lethal Weapon 5

The other night while watching Bad Boys For Life, I had a serious thought about how badly we could have used a final Lethal Weapon to end the series on a high note. After all, Sylvester Stallone just starred in another Rambo. What's stopping other, older stars from making action films as well?

Well, it appears I was right on the money. Today it's being reported that the gang is getting back together for a fifth and final entry in the long running buddy cop franchise. Producer Dan Lin says that the original stars are ready to make another movie with Richard Donner returning to the directorial chair. In a recent roundtable discussion about The Two Popes, Lin was very eager to discuss the development of the project and was extremely open about the positive momentum on a script. 

No word has been released on whether or not Shane Black might return to write this one, but would obviously be a great person to bring back to the team. Considering the last movie, Lethal Weapon 4 was out in 1998, it's going to be a much different movie with a cast that's obviously much older now. There was no mention of Joe Pesci coming back to the franchise, but with his recent return from retirement in The Irishman, it wouldn't be shocking. 

Where this thing goes, no one knows yet. But we'll be waiting for more word on the progression of this project.