A Terminated Franchise: Linda Hamilton Says Dark Fate Killed The Terminator

It seems that The Terminator brand has definitely struggled over the years. After the first two classic films, they've repeatedly made mistakes when trying to create worthy sequels. After numerous efforts, they finally decided to retcon the entirety of the continued catalog with Terminator: Dark Fate. The movie was meant to be a direct sequel to Judgment Day. Unfortunately, many didn't enjoy the latest continuation from director Tim Miller with James Cameron on board in a producer role. It's been reported that the two clashed over creative ideas on the script and on set. Now, Linda Hamilton says that she feels that The Terminator franchise is completely dead in the water due to the financial distress of Dark Fate and the lack of interest in the franchise:

"I really think that box office is gonna be the thing that killed Terminator. Of course, it’s the studios that put hundreds of millions of dollars into a film, but it’s just a fickle world in terms of fandom, and maybe they were just worn out by the Terminators that preceded. I don’t have any desire to continue. I never did.” She continued. Only if there’s something really viable in the script and story and characters, would I ever consider doing it again. Otherwise, it’s just diminishing returns, isn’t it?”

It sounds like she's not totally set on never returning again. But also seems like she's lost faith in a franchise that may not have had the legs to build on in the first place. While I personally enjoyed this last Terminator, I can understand why others didn't. Perhaps it's finally time to leave this brand behind for a couple decades. Or maybe a robot can come back from the future and fix everything they did wrong.