Ape Not Kill Ape: New Planet of the Apes Won't Be A Reboot After All , Caesar's Legacy to Continue

A couple days ago, the internet was on fire with rumors that the new Planet of the Apes movie would end up being another reboot of the beloved franchise. Reintroduced to fans several years back, the latest trilogy added a ton of mythology to the story of a future ruled by talking primates. But now it's been made much more clear that the story arc we've been on will continue with a new (hopefully) trilogy of films that are supposedly coming out in the next few years. Director Wes Ball clarified that his new film will in fact continue the legacy of Caesar taking us further into the future with more movies that will not totally relaunch the franchise a fourth time. 

Personally, this is good news because it seemed like there could still be some life after the trilogy concluded. Hopefully, they can continue the positive momentum that was started with Rise of the Planet of the Apes.