Box Office Breakout: The Invisible Man Expected to Take #1 Spot with $20 Million Plus Opening

Genre maestro Leigh Whannell is carving out quite the niche for himself. His updated version of The Invisible Man is expected to topple the box office this weekend with an opening that will most likely see numbers over $20 million. 

As Universal once again attempts to revitalize their classic monster line, Whannell is now at the forefront of that success. After their rebooted spin on The Mummy starring Tom Cruise buckled in 2017, the idea seemed to be dead in the water. Now though, The Invisible Man is looking to change their bad fortune. On a budget that's being reported somewhere between $7-9 million, the movie is looking to hit a high note that will be around $20-30 million from early estimated. Set against such a meager production cost, this movie will triple its expenses in just three days of showings. This is great for the studio and proves that their classic library is still vital. 

Leigh Whannell was behind the sleeper techno body horror film from 2018 called Upgrade as well as numerous franchises including Saw, Insidious, and many more. Currently, it's rumored that they're in the early stages of developing Upgrade 2. If The Invisible Man proves to be a huge hit, we're sure that Universal will be all in on revamping more of their monster lineup to present times. 

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