Box Office Prey: DC's Latest Undergoes Name Change for Its Theatrical Run

The latest film from Warner Bros. and the ever expanding DC cinematic universe has been struggling to stay afloat. This weekend saw the movie do absolutely terrible numbers when stacked against other comic book movies and franchised action films. The movie was only able to bring in $33.2. million in the U.S.. Compared to other movies like Deadpool and Joker which opened to $130 million and $90 million, the execs at WB are definitely not thrilled. Although it was not ever expected to reach the same heights, the weekend tally proves that something was wrong. Either interest was low or their marketing campaign was not properly targeted. 

Now, the latest knows says that they're officially changing the name of the movie across all ticketing platforms and marquees. Instead of using the name as printed on posters and all other marketing materials, the movie will now be known as Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey to hopefully help out in the fight to sell more tickets. While the movie is getting generally favorable reviews, it doesn't seem to be helping the cause. 

It's being reported that the name change will take effect immediately and should be altered across all ticketing platforms by tomorrow morning. Regal Cinemas and AMC Theaters have already made the change. 

We gave it a mediocre write up last week.