Crystal Lake Images: Jason Concept Work from the Scrapped 2016 Movie

Several years ago there were rumblings that there would be a new Friday the 13th movie and show in 2016. Unfortunately, both were scrapped prior to going into production. With the last cinematic effort being 2009's poorly received release from Platinum Dunes, it was thought that Vorhees would have new life in another reboot that would be both on television and in cinemas. Due to a legal battle between producer Sean S. Cunningham and writer Victor Miller, Jason has been on ice for 11 years now. With minor rumblings that the lawsuit might finally come to a close this year, there are ongoing talks that the series might finally get another relaunch in the near future but nothing is solidified yet. 

In the meantime, Check out the images from below of what had been conceptualized for the 2016 version of the hockey masked killer. It looks very similar to other visions of Voorhees with an updated take on the legendary mask.