Escape from New Dystopia: Sly Stallone and Michael Bay Pair for Little America

Sylvester Stallone and Michael Bay have both done their fair share for the action genre. Now, it looks like the two prolific men will be pairing for a brand new dystopian future action flick called Little America. While Stallone is expected to star as the main protagonist, Bay will be taking a back seat this time as a producer on the project. Rowan Athale, who penned the script will also be directing the film. 

Early reports say that the plot closely resembles the classic Kurt Russell vehicle, Escape from New York. In the movie, America has been thwarted by a massive war causing the entire region to become a violent futuristic wasteland. The main character (Stallone) will be sent in to save a billionaire's daughter from certain doom where he will be partnered with another female character to venture into a walled of zone somewhere in Hong Kong where many Americans have fled to safety. 

The movie, Little America is set to go into production when Stallone's latest project completes filming. Last year saw Stallone star in the final Rambo movie which did fairly well, drawing in $91 million against a modest $50 million budget.