Even Stranger Things: Season Four Will Be Extended to Two Parts

Last year it was announced that Stranger Things would be concluding after season four. While many were bummed that their favorite show would be ending on Netflix, many others were over joyed that the series would end before it overstays its welcome. Considering many of the shows themes had been repeated over the course of the first three seasons, one could easily see it overstaying its welcome. Now, it looks like the Duffer Bros. and Netflix have developed a new plan for the popular show. Much like many cable shows, it's being reported that the fourth and final season will get an extended run of episodes but will be broken into two separate parts that would stream months apart from each other. This could satisfy the need to end the story with enough wiggle room to satiate both their fans and some space to finish it properly without rushing. 

It's also being reported that they're using the sets from HBO's event series Chernobyl to film many of the scenes. Considering how last season ended, it looks like we'll be heading to Russia for Stranger Things Part Four. Apparently, the first part will be available towards the end of 2020.  

We'll update as we learn more!