Galactic News: James Mangold Disintegrates “Mandalorian” Rumor

More like “Mandalori-ain’t”.

After director Ron Howard (Cocoon, Solo: A Star Wars Story), - who REALLY should’ve known better - tweeted out an article from IGN seemingly confirming that (his daughter) Bryce Dallas Howard, Robert Rodriguez, and James Mangold would be directing Season 2 episodes of the now-in-production The Mandalorian (on the Disney+ streaming service), Mangold hyper-jumped onto Twitter to reply to Howard:

“Hey Ron. I’m so pleased if it’s true about Bryce directing another part of Mandalorian but I can tell you it’s not true about me. Not doing it, never discussed it. And I suggest fans should look at who’s “reporting” this & make a note that these sites report conjecture as fact”

Mangold (Logan, Ford v Ferrari) has also been at the center of reports/rumors that he is in talks to replace Steven Spielberg (to the chagrin of some fans) on the next installment of the Indiana Jones franchise, though no official announcement about this has been made.

The Mando rumor seems to have originated from the YouTube podcast “Black Series Rebels”, and it’s unclear whether the other parts of these reports are true (though it seems likely that Bryce Dallas Howard will be returning, after directing an episode from Season 1).

The Mandalorian Season 2 began shooting last fall and is expected to drop (along with Baby Yoda) on Disney+ in October.

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