Galactic News: New Star Wars Project Coming From Luke Cage Writer and Sleight Director

It appears that the Star Wars galaxy is about to get even bigger. With numerous projects in development at Lucasfilm, word is breaking that J.D. Diller, the writer and director of the film Sleight and Matt Owens, one of the writers on Luke Cage and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are actively working together on a new project for the brand. No word has been released whether it will be another movie or another show for Disney+. The news broke via The Hollywood Reporter just a little while ago. It's being said that what they're working on is completely separate from a film pitch by Kevin Feige and could be related to the continued work on a Rian Johnson film trilogy. Hopefully, we'll get more news on this in the coming days. 

Currently it looks like Disney is switching focus on the Star Wars franchise as Bob Iger recently stated that they're definitely more centered on their television works for now. With The Rise of Skywalker not doing the same box office numbers as other films in the continued film world, it won't be shocking if we got a bunch of new series on Disney+

For now, that's all. We'll update as we learn more.