Galactic News: Star Wars The High Republic To Feature New Villains Called The Nihil

For several years now, a mysterious project has been in the works over at Lucasfilm. The new initiative called Project Luminous was finally revealed last night as fans all over the globe rejoiced at the news that they're following through on the idea of stepping away from the Skywalker era and moving into new territory. The latest phase of Star Wars will be told through a series of books and comics that take place during The High Republic. On the timeline these stories will be long before the events of George Lucas' prequel film series and will center on much earlier events that will see the Jedi in a 'knights of the round table' set of stories. The High Republic serves as a golden age in the republic. 

With details finally coming out about the content they'll begin releasing soon, we got our first look at the new villains of the saga. They're called the Nihil who are being equated to space vikings. The antagonists have a saying "You can't take it with you but we can take it with you." It appears that they're readying a series of stories that will finally see a breakaway from the Jedi vs. Sith plot line that has filled the nine movies in the Skywalker saga and has been a mainstay in the Star Wars galaxy since 1977. It'll be a refreshing new spin as they are said to serve no institution like the Empire but have an 'in it for themselves' pirate type of attitude.