I Can See This Trailer From My House!: Stranger Things 4 Drops Russian Teaser

When we last left Season 3 of Stranger Things, we had a now-powerless Eleven moving out of Hawkins with Joyce’s family, a seemingly disintegrated Mind-Flayer (and Hopper too), and an isolated Russian prison-camp feeding inmates (except for an unseen American prisoner) to a captured Demogorgon.

Eleven and the rest of the Hawkins crew are nowhere to be seen in this teaser, instead, we are given a chain-gang in wintery Russia working on (surprise!) a railroad. As we move in, we get a reveal of their not-so-secret (or disintegrated) American prisoner. 

The film is deep into production and expected to wrap sometime in August, so expect more teasers/trailers and other morsels of media between now and then.
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