No Time For Directing Dr. Jones: Steven Spielberg Not Directing Indiana Jones 5, James Mangold to Replace

After a long time in development, there is now forward momentum regarding the future of the Indiana Jones series. For the first time in the series history, Spielberg will not direct the film. He will remain on board as a producer that is actively involved with the next installment of the series. Sources that the decision for Spielberg to step out of the chair was his own as he wanted to pass on the bullwhip to the next generation of filmmakers and his schedule is filled with films that he is working on. He probably felt that he wasn't able to fully commit to the feature as a director. 

Who will he pass it on to? Sources say that it is Logan and Ford V. Ferrari filmmaker James Mangold. Mangold is an interesting choice with a solid reputation for steadfast action direction and seems like a logical choice for this series.  

What happens next? Another delay? Potentially.  Harrison Ford on the tour for Call of The Wild has said conflicting things about the status of the project, citing schedule and script issues. But with Mangold on board, it seems as though the film will happen sooner rather than later.