Resident Evil: Netflix Series May Start Shooting In June

While the Resident Evil film series still remains a guilty pleasure for many, it's easy to admit that they never really stuck to the premise of the long running game series. Well, a little while back it was reported that a new set of films and a television show were both in the early developmental stages. Now, it's being reported that the series which will stream on Netflix is beginning to take shape. Although no cast or production staff has been attached quite yet, several sites including JoBlo reported yesterday that production has been slated for this coming June on a short run arc that will be eight one hour episodes. It's supposedly going into prep right now and will film from June until October. 

At last report, the show was paired with Constantin Films and Netflix getting the project ready. They're claiming that this newest incarnation will "explore the darker inner workings of the Umbrella Corporation and the new world order caused by the outbreak of the T-Virus". If anything, it looks they're going to stick the landing by remaining true to the origins of the Resident Evil game franchise with something that might actually resemble the game and build upon the mythology. 

We're holding out hope. As we get updates, we'll make sure to post more!