Rumor Web: Is Sony’s Untitled Marvel Project “Spider-Woman”?

After Sony Pictures announced yesterday that they were releasing an untitled (read: Spiderverse) project, the internet has been set alight by (now obligatory) rumors and speculation regarding this mystery film, set to be released Oct 7, 2021.

(DISCLAIMER: If you suffer from sodium-sensitivity/hypertension, you may want to avoid this news item, as we shall be taking this with a LARGE, horse-sized salt-tablet).

It’s a bit of a straw-grasp, but the consensus among online speculators is that it’s to be Spider-Woman, in what would be her cinematic debut.

This somewhat lesser-known character has been crawling about in Marvel’s comics and cartoon universe since the late ‘70s. Spider-Woman (originally created for the comics by the legendary Archie Goodwin and Marie Severn, after a panicky copyright-saving idea from Stan Lee), has undergone some retcons to her origin-story over the years. She is basically a genetically enhanced (courtesy of the villainous organization, HYDRA) superhero whose alter-ego is Jessica Drew. Though she shares similar powers to the Peter Parker Spider-Man (like sticking to walls), she can also glide through the air, shoot bio-electric energy bolts, and can control/manipulate people through the release of certain pheromones (ew).

In film terms, October of next year is an eye-blink away, so expect more (hopefully solid/substantial) news in the coming weeks as Sony continues to build their Marvel-adjacent, live-action Spiderverse (with Morbius: The Living Vampire in production, and the Venom-sequel currently prepping) in the coming weeks.

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