Take One: “La Influencia” Director Denis Rovira van Boekholt Begins Mystery Project

Without warning, Spanish director Denis Rovira Van Boekholt has dropped an intriguing photo of a “take one” clapperboard on his Facebook page, indicating that shooting is now underway for his newest directorial effort.

This will be Van Boekholt’s second feature-length film, after last year’s La Influencia. That film (based on British horror writer/legend Ramsey Campbell’s 1988 novel The Influence), dealt with a woman named Alicia (Manuela Vellés) returning to her childhood home (and haunting, traumatic past) to care for her dying, comatose mother, who starts becoming a malevolent force that gradually begins to take hold of her young daughter, Nora (Claudia Placer).

Van Boekholt is only the second director brave enough to tackle Ramsey Campbell’s subtle, difficult-to-adapt “interior” brand of horror-fiction (the first being 1999’s Los Sin Nombre, based on Campbell’s The Nameless, directed by fellow Spaniard, Jaume Balagueró).

Details are slim thus far on this mysterious new project, but The Movie Sleuth is working hard on the case to bring you more clues soon! 
Meanwhile, check out La Influencia, still streaming on Netflix.