The Saw is Rebooted: New Texas Chainsaw Coming from 'The Dig' Directors

Every couple years, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre sees new horrific life. Unfortunately, most of the reboots, sequels, and continuations have never been quite the same as the original. As a classic horror film from the '70s, the original has this certain grindhouse luster that has never been matched. But now, it's being reported via Variety that Legendary Pictures has secured a deal with the directors behind The Dig to once again reboot the iconic story of Leatherface and his family of cannibalistic killers. We might be excited if there was anything new they could do with this project. This property has already been through the ringer with numerous retreads that haven't really been that great other than the 2003 Marcus Nispel relaunch. 

Directors Ryan and Andy Tohill will be taking on duties of bringing the story back to the screen. The script will be developed by Chris Thomas Devlin with Fede Alvarez serving in a producer role on the feature. Rights to the property currently switched from Lionsgate over to Legendary Pictures and will fall under Alvarez's Bad Hombre banner when it releases to cinemas.