VHS Out of Space: Richard Stanley's Latest Get Retro Release

We live in amazing times, folks. For those of us that grew up during the '80s heyday of amazing video stores, we're getting tons of new collectible releases that take us back in time. Now it looks like Richard Stanley's latest film, Color Out of Space is taking us for a trip in the way back machine as they're putting it out on special edition VHS package that will be available tomorrow. Witter Entertainment and Broke Horror Fan have teamed up for the videocassette release which will be available through Witter's retail website. The release is officially approved by SpectreVision with a license from RLJ Entertainment. The tape can be ordered tomorrow, February 25th!!! So if you want it, make sure to visit them to get it before it sells out!

There will be 2 versions available with pre-order slated for tomorrow. This was Richard Stanley's long awaited return to sci-fi/horror which saw relatively great reviews across the board.