Welcome To Westworld: HBO Reveals Season 3 Poster

After a 2 year hiatus, Westworld will finally be coming back to HBO with season 3 next month. During its first year, the show seemed to build up a great following of science fiction fans but its good karma seemed to dwindle during the second season as many didn't enjoy where the show was heading. Today they released a new poster titled "Free Will is not Free" which you can view below. 

Loosely based on the classic Michael Crichton story, Westworld was initially a science fiction film that went on to spawn a sequel. Later on, HBO decided it would be a great idea to reboot it as a high concept series that would expand on many of the themes from the movie while adding tons of mystery. 

Season 3 will see a batch of new stars including Aaron Paul, Vincent Cassel, John Gallagher Jr., Kid Cudi, Michael Ealy, and Lena Waithe. We're holding out hope that the next batch of episodes sees the show get back on an even footing.